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International Moving Company in Mexico


Since 1995 Mexpack moving and relocation services have been recommended to friends and family. We have become a leading company in the moving industry because every year we focus on improving our processes through constant training and investment in technology.

Our professionally trained staff will:

  • Perform a visit to confirm the size of your shipment

  • Quote you within 24 hours of the visit

  • Expertly pack and load your shipment

  • Update you constantly

  • Manage the customs paperwork and international freight

  • Unload and unpack your shipment in destination

Air Shipments

Air shipments are preferred when the shipment is a smaller size due to its short transit time. Depending on the origin and destination countries, it can take about one to two weeks from origin to destination! What items should you avoid including in your air shipment? We will let you know depending on your origin and destination countries.

Land Shipments between the US & Canada

Land shipments travel by 53 foot trailer and are usually larger than air shipment dimensions. For big enough shipments, the trailer that is loaded at origin will be the same trailer that arrives to destination. We will prepare the US and Mexican documentation to simplify the process and avoid unnecessary stress.

Ocean Shipments

Sea shipments are the most cost effective option between Mexico and Europe, as well as other continents. It is also a safe option to move your household goods between Mexico and other countries in Latin America, like Brazil. We take extra steps including the placement of silica to protect against humidity.

Fragile Art

Whether you need to move expensive artwork or priceless heirlooms, we take pride in making sure your precious items are kept safe, secure, and protected in transport.

Ready to Relocate?

Looking to relocate but don't know how? We got you covered! We work with quality partners abroad and will work to help you have a seamless transition to your new home.

Connect with Us

Av. Valle de Mexico No.38
Fracc. El Mirador, Naucalpan, Estado de México, México

C.P. 53050

Phone: (+52 55) 5358 6958


Our Certifications

Mexpack is Latin America's only FAIM-ISO and ISO 27001 certified moving and relocation company. Learn about our other certifications and awards below.

+52 55 5358 6958

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