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Relocation Services


Our Mexpack team consists of experts who understand every aspect of your international relocation. Do you need aid with obtaining your permanent or temporary visa in Mexico? Is your biggest question, who will help me find a school for my children? Or are you stressing about which grocery stores have peanut butter?

We’re here to help!

  • Assistance with legal documentation

  • Temporary furniture rental

  • Regional orientation tours

  • Language courses

  • Cross-cultural training

  • Real estate assistance

  • School searches & more


Give us a call and we'll start to help you feel at home in your new home country!

Fragile Art

Whether you need to move expensive artwork or priceless heirlooms, we take pride in making sure your precious items are kept safe, secure, and protected in transport.

Worldwide Moves

Looking to move from across the world? We got you covered! We will help you have a seamless transition from your old country to a new one.

Connect with Us

Av. Valle de Mexico No.38
Fracc. El Mirador, Naucalpan, Estado de México, México

C.P. 53050

Phone: (+52 55) 5358 6958


Our Certifications

Mexpack is Latin America's only FAIM-ISO and ISO 27001 certified moving and relocation company. Learn about our other certifications and awards below.

+52 55 5358 6958

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