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ARCO Rights

ARCO Rights are defined as right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the holders on their personal data. The following terms are defined in the Law of data used in the privacy notices of México Pacific International Removalas, SA de CV (hereinafter Mexpack), which are published on the company website.

I. Right of access


The holder has the right to request and obtain free of charge information from their personal data handled by the manager of the database, the source of such data as well as communications made or are planned to do with the same.

II. Right of cancellation


The holder has the right to request and obtain free of charge the cancellation of their personal data when the treatment thereof does not conform to the provisions of the Law on Data, or they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected or registered by the manager of the database.

III. Right of opposition


Expression of will of the holder that informs to the person responsible for the database or treatment, their desire that their personal data are not subject to a specific treatment.

IV. Right of rectification

The holder has the right to request and obtain free of charge the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data handled by the manager or are planned to do with the same.

Holders or individuals who apply personal data may exercise their ARCO rights under the following procedure:

1. Fill out the application of ARCO Rights and Revocation of Consent to Treatment of Personal Data.

2. Present / the Solicitation / ARCO duly signed at our office in: Av. Valle de México No 38, Colony, El Mirador, Naucalpan, México State, Zip Code 53050.

3. Requests ARCO will not be received by other means as provided in the preceding paragraph. The holder must complete the ARCO application for each right they want to exercise.

4. In order to prove their identity, the holder must attach to the ARCO application copy of any of the following documents:

  • Valid passport

  • Current voter card issued by the INE, National Electoral Institute

  • Professional degree certificate issued by the Secretary of Public Education

  • National Military Service ID issued by the Secretary of National Defense

  • Current immigration document issued by the competent authority (case of foreigners)

  • Consular Registration Certificate issued by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs or the corresponding Consular Office

  • Electronic signature protected by a valid digital certificate

  • Other authentication mechanisms previously agreed between the holder and responsible.


NOTE: For the attention of ARCO request, the holder shall only cover shipping costs, reproduction and certification of documents (if applicable). If the holder make more than one request ARCO in less than one year period, the costs by the Company may not be greater than 3 days of minimum salary unless there are substantial changes to the privacy notice that encourage further consultations.

5. Upon receipt of the ARCO request, the Personal Information Officers check whether it has all the requirements previously described, if not, they will contact the holder by email or phone call and they will required the holder to correct the deficiencies in the following five business days after the receipt of the request. In the case of not be corrected within 10 working days, the application shall be deemed not filed.

6. Each one of the ARCO applications received by Mexpack will have the assignment of a Folio number with which the holder can follow up on their request.

7. The status of the ARCO request will be sent via email.

The entity is not required to cancel the personal data when according to Article 10 of the Federal Data Protection Act.:

  • It refers to the parts of a contract and are necessary for its development and implementation.

  • They should be treated by law

  • Obstruct judicial or administrative proceedings.

  • They are needed to protect the legally interests of the holder.

  • They are needed to comply with a legally acquired obligation.

  • They are object of treatment for prevention or for a medical diagnosis or management of health services (only if such treatment is carried out by a health professional)

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