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What to Expect

International Moving Service

  • We visit your residence to determine your moving needs. This is conducted in English or in Spanish.

  • We send you a quotation in English or in Spanish based on your moving needs. Communication is sent within 24 hours.

  • We pack your shipment in your residence.

  • We use protective materials to avoid damaging your floors and walls at your residence.

  • We create the packing inventory that you revise and sign.

  • We translate the inventory to the language of the destination country.

  • We load your shipment into the appropriate, exclusive container.

  • We seal the container to discourage tampering during the international freight.

  • We manage your customs documentation, which is processed by licensed customs brokers.

  • We coordinate the international freight.

  • We coordinate delivery of your shipment in destination.

  • We unpack the shipment and remove the empty packing material.

  • We maintain constant, daily communication with you during the process in English or Spanish.

  • We protect your private information to ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.

  • We protect your household goods.

  • You sleep well.

+52 55 5358 6958

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